Peter is a miracle worker. I have never come across a massage therapist who has a more intuitive and healing approach to his work. Peter is in a league of his own!


Nick T.

Peter has been treating me regularly for over a year now following a neurological illness. His massage is helping to stimulate lost sensation and loosen tight muscles, I find he is good at relieving nerve pain, particularly in my hands and arms. He has taken great interest in my well being and also helped me find other professionals to help with my recovery. He is always very professional and I would happily recommend him to anyone.


Emma H.

Having known Peter for many years, I can testify as to how good his work is. As I participate in quite a few sports it is good to know I can count on Pete to not only help to pinpoint the areas that need more attention than others. He is friendly, personable and most importantly very good at what he does!

Adam R.

Pete is a gifted massage therapist who tells us he fell into the profession by chance - we are grateful he did and clearly has a calling! 

He is a top bloke with a strong work ethic, inspiring energy and uplifting persona. He has been treating me for over 3 years now and he has become my secret weapon in battling the injuries, aches and pains associated with bad posture and being 'chained' to a laptop and commuting under pressure.

Its no wonder that he is so difficult to get hold of these days and I am delighted that he is so successful

Tim C.

Pete is the best. That's all I need (and can) say.

Dimitri Y.